Mandeville Dental LA

Mandeville Dental LA

How Do I Find a Trustworthy Dentist?

When searching for a dentist with a good reputation, consider a personal referral from friends or family as an excellent resource. If you're unable to obtain a referral, take your research to the Web and look for reviews about dentists in your community.

We're thrilled that you'll find 5-star reviews across the board for us - reviews that make it easier to choose us a dentist when you need Mandeville dental care in LA. See our website's 'Review' section or check us out on your chosen professional directory. Experts offer the following advice:

  • Choose a dentist with a convenient location
  • Make sure your dentist offers the services your family needs
  • Look for a practice with an introductory 'special price' offer
  • Find out about policies for walk-in visits
  • Ask about sedation dentistry for fearful patients.

Is Dentistry Sedation Safe?

Sedation is a safe way to improve your comfort level during any dental procedure that makes you feel anxious. Your dentist will ask specific questions about your medical history to ensure sedation is the right option for you. Dr. Randall Foto offers several options for sedation:

  1. Computer-assisted local anesthesia (comfortable administration)
  2. Nitrous oxide (laughing gas)
  3. Oral sedation (pills)

If you have questions about sedation, feel free to reach out to our practice by phone or through email. Our highest priority is to provide excellent, comfortable quality dental care for every patient.

How Can I Stay Calm at the Dentist?

Let your Mandeville dental care staff know about your fears or anxiety. Sharing your fears can open up new communication and assist your dentist in finding the right option for sedation. Dental experts recommend the following additional solutions for taming your fear of the dentist chair:

  • Bring your favorite music, with headphones or earbuds
  • Focus on slow, regular, deep breathing
  • Select a dentist known for a gentle touch
  • Ease off the caffeine before your office visit
  • Set up a means of communication with your dentist that will let them know you need to take a breather
  • Ask to schedule your appointment during a low-stress time of the day.

Why Do General Dentists Offer So Many Treatment Options?

While you may think that choosing a dentist who offers a wide variety of treatments and procedures complicates your selection, it's beneficial to find a Mandeville dental care LA dentist who specializes in providing many different services. If you've ever received a referral to a third-party dentist and sat through root canal therapy with a stranger, you can appreciate the value of seeing your family dentist for all types of necessary dental care.

Dr. Randall Foto and his team are proud of their investment in equipment and training to provide you with full-service dentistry in one convenient location.

See us for:

  • Preventive checkups, cleanings, fluoride treatments, and sealants
  • New technology treatments, like air abrasion and soft tissue laser
  • Restorative dentistry: implants, gum sculpting, smile analysis
  • Dentistry for children
  • Orthodontics
  • Dentistry for patients of all ages
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